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Sierra Leonean Student, Sandra Musujusu Develops Cure For Breast Cancer


A female student of the African University of Science and Technology, Abuja, Sandra Musujusu, has developed an alternative treatment for breast cancer. The scientific breakthrough might lead to a lasting solution in the treatment of breast cancer prevalent among women world over.

This was made known on Tuesday in Abuja when the World Bank Education Director, Dr Jaime Saavedra Chanduvi, with his team visited the University as part of his assessment tour of the 10 African Centres of Excellence (ACE) centres.

The World Bank has committed about $10 billion for the ACE project in Nigeria, as part of efforts to encourage conduct of cutting-edge research and specialisation of the beneficiaries institutions in specific development problems faced in Nigeria and indeed the African continent.

Musujusu’s research, using macromolecular science is aimed at developing bio-degradable polymer material which could be used as alternative for the treatment of breast cancer in the near future.

She revealed that her research focuses on triple negative breast cancer which is the aggressive sub-type of breast cancer that is common with women from African ancestry.

Musujusu, a Sierra-Leonian national, is conducting the research under the sponsorship of the Pan African Materials Institute (PAMI). Musujusu said, “My research is actually centred on the development of bio-degradable polymers for treatment of breast cancer.

I will be focusing on triple negative breast cancer which is actually the aggressive sub-type of breast cancer that is common with women from African ancestry.”

I believe there is a bright future for Africa, and as a woman there is much more we can do if we are empowered. This award given to me by PAMI has empowered me to face my studies with more confidence and actually contribute to the frontier of knowledge and move Africa forward.”

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  1. I would have like more on her discovery. Also she is Sierra Leonian not Nigerian as the title said. Please check you information before posting news. Thanks

  2. I would have like more information on her discovery. Also she is Sierra Leonian not Nigerian as the title said. Please check you information before posting news. Thanks

  3. Given resources Africans can show their worth with subjects that are relevant to themselves ! It’s about time we let Africans into the world forum and stopped treating them like children ! They have proved themselves to be first class students given the opportunity ! Welldone!

  4. Congratulations! It is so rewarding to see so many young women of color embarking on medical research to cure women of color who have been ignored in the past. Thank you for your important work.

  5. Great my African brothers and sisters!! Have the research findings of the breast cancer study been published yet?

  6. Awesome and no surprise. The world’s first university was located on the continent of Africa in Egypt. Internet allows us to hear about accomplishments that would otherwise go unnoticed or reclaim by another. Way to go, sis!

    1. I truly agree with your statement. It’s call the “stolen legacy.” We are the beginning and we would be the end. Hence the effort to eliminate us. Thereby eliminating history.

  7. I applaud. You and your efforts to helping people of African descent
    Looking forward to hearing more about t the treatment and its effects ( pro and con) please keep us updated

  8. Remove aluminum and other heavy toxins from female personal products…and males too. Especially, underarm deodorants. The chemicals leach into the lymphatic system and disrupt and create a dangerous toxic environment. This in turn enters the mammary area.

  9. this is so wonderful if it is true. This should be breaking news on all the TV channels. I wonder why it has not been on TV?

  10. Congrats. Continue. We have seen enough people who need your breakthrough assistance and have to struggle with less to attain help. Find out all you can about this cure. Do not allow them to take any credit for any aspect unless it is absolutely necessary. It is time that Africa gains the credit for its worth.

  11. This is so wonderful. Reading this gave me great joy. What a brilliant young woman. She has a big heart to research and develop this cure. And, this could also benefit men as they can (rarely) get breast cancer in the tissues near their pectoral muscles. I’m so happy this is being shared with the world. Thank you Angela Musujusu!

  12. I’m so grateful to God for using our youth to make a difference. It encourages other youngsters to strive for excellence and gives our culture hope for the future in all things. Congrats, young lady. Your are truly a winner and a blessing to all.

  13. There are so many Africans who want to be counted among the top rich people on the continent as well as the world. They will however, never sponsor any useful educational projects anywhere on the continent. They will not even sponsor a small school in their local government area. They would sponsor “Beauty pageant” which has a propensity to satisfy their lecherous desires.

  14. This is great. Looking forward to the day when clinical trials would be over and the drug available in our pharmacies…

  15. They kill doctors like her!!! I’m really scared for her life !!!

    She will be another doctor found 3 weeks later at the bottom of a canyon and all law agencies will rule it an accident even though she was last seen at work… They won’t question why she decided to travel across the globe and play on the edge of a cliff pumped with chloroform

  16. I have been praying for innovations from black Africa. This is answer to prayer. My granddaughter wants to be a scientist.

  17. Congratulations Africa is bringing its contribution to solving problems of the globe God has given you these gifts so that Africa can be appreciated!
    Thanks be to God the almighty.

  18. I have former coworker and dear friend who is battling triple negative breast cancer for the second time. Skin cancer has now surfaced. I only wish this treatment could be available to her. Thanks be to God the almighty.

  19. You’ll never hear about this cure in a year. It won’t be mentioned again. Big Pharmaceutical will buy her off or her rights to procedure.

  20. You will be scrutinized and hated by those who run the big pharmaceutical companies as well as the racist whom will not be happy about your discovery. It’s a damn shame that you will not be given the accolades that are so deserving on your behalf for your capabilities for the preservation of the lives of women worldwide. Thank you 😊


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