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Nigerian students give South African companies 48 hours ultimatum to leave Nigeria over Xenophobic attacks


The National Association of Nigerian Students, NANS, have given all South African countries operating in Nigeria a 24 hours ultimatum to leave the country. This is in reaction to the xenophobic attacks meted out on Nigerians in South Africa.

NANS staged a peaceful protest on Thursday at some South African companies located in Abuja where they made their displeasure known and revealed that they will no longer be silent while Nigerians are attacked in South Africa whereas South African companies like MTN, DSTV and Shoprite are allowed to operate freely in Nigeria.

Speaking on behalf of the students, the president of NANS, Kadiri Aruna, said South African companies in Nigeria had only 48 hours to leave Nigerian soil, else Nigerian students will retaliate by pulling down all MTN masts in the country in the country. DSTV and Shoprite were also not left out in the threats.

Aruna said:

“I don’t want to say we will be barbaric but we will not be lawful in our actions, we will do it and face the consequences, enough of this rubbish.’’

Aruna went further to reminisce on how Nigeria was instrumental in freeing South Africans from apartheid and Nigeria contributed 80 per cent of the freedom the South Africans are enjoying today because we saved them from the jaws of apartheid and have over the years supported South Africa financially. He said it was time to take action and called on the Federal Government to step up and work towards evacuating Nigerians in South Africa. He also suggestion cutting diplomatic ties with the South Africans due to the silence of their government in the face of the attacks.

“The government of South Africa is criminally quiet and they say silence is consent, and their police are folding their hands while they are killing Nigerians, this is conspiracy, enough is enough,’’ he said.

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  1. If there was a country that needed to honour other African countries is south Africa in that most African countries do much to see them out of their challenge. The biggest problem with south Africa is placing themselves where they don’t belong. Even football they think they are up there but losses review them. To all our citizens in our African countries, let’s work hard and stop accusing our failure on other national.

  2. It’s sad this should happen between Africans. The failure of leadership to provide good governance has resulted in this shameful acts of violence against countries who really spent their resources to help liberate South Africa. Ghana and Nigeria contributed a lot towards this dream. Kwame Nkrumah should wake up from his grave and answer Ghanaians now for the simple reason that we spent so much of our inheritance money on a dream which is just useless. Now the African family is paid back by ungrateful, some lowly educated South Africans who have no reason to attack and murder Nigerians and Ghanaians for the simple fact that they are trying to make a living in South Africa. South Africans your anger is directed at the wrong people. I will teach you who your anger should be directed at. Start with your polygamous President Jacob Zuma and then the few white people who owns 85%of land in South Africa. Ghana and Nigeria should retaliate because the government of South Africa seems not bothered of innocent lives being murdered by their angry and hungry youthful thugs. President Zuma’s tenure is thug life.

    1. Why wite people ? Didn’t they work also for what they have? That is racism… if all wite also leave South Africa and the home country’s also retaliate by not exporting to South Africa or another country and don’t allow any South African company to work in “wite country’s” like you imply … then what ?! Don’t be xenophobic what is happening in South Africa is of the only responsability of the government and its policyes … they are the ones whom should be feeling the hunger. Wite or any other coller are people and each day more people of the world… maybe you also have a relative living and working in a place the is not his home town but it’s his Home !

  3. Africa will always be Africa. Same thoughts, same mindset, same behavior, same corrupt mind, and same hatred. we should be ashamed of ourselves. People who are supposed to come together as a continent and support each other to develop are rather killing themselves. oh! Africa, why have u resorted to childish way of thinking and creating enmity among yourselves. South Africa is pampered in Africa and therefore thinks it is the ‘most successful’ country in the continent and so behave anyway and anyhow. With this attitude they won’t get anywhere. They better advise themselves and they should not forget the world is spherical, anything that goes round comes around.

  4. Surely, why is the South African Government quiet on this Nonsense. No other country does this them. The Bible teaches us ” TO TREAT YOUR NEIGHBORS, HOW YOU WANT THEM TO TREAT YOU”. Dont blame the Nigerians

  5. Seriously i wasn’t expecting this nuisance from a democratically advanced nation like S.A. The entire nation should bow in shame to this. And mind you people, what is good is equally good for the gander. We the Ghanaian and Nigerian youth are double ready to go an extra mile to pay back those South Africans nationals who live here with the same coins.

  6. South Africa really! it’s not good at all this is the time we should be uniting as Africans ,the action by Nigerian students it’s not de best option, imagine if every African country with South Africans did the same.

    1. South African economy will cripple and thats when they will surely realise that what they are fighting for is poverty. I would urge every other country to cut ties with them till they will start reasoning and seek the most basic education to understand these things. Their country is nothing without other African nations and the least they should do is accommodate a few foreigners visa free for that matter as a sign of gratitude….

  7. The most disturbing part is silence from authorities! What the hell is wrong with that country!…….its not funny that they were colonized the longest. They either fix it or else…..

  8. My question is,where is the African union?They are the people who use to intervine in such matters and why are they folding their hands to watch innocent souls wasted like what the so called S.A gangs or what ever they call themselves doing.Oh yeah,the gorvenment of S.A is really behind this and it woundnt be fear to retaliate but when persuation fails,we all know that force must be applied and it will be applied in our various countries.You cant kill ones brother in your country and expect your own brother to move freely in another mans home never.The South Africans must be wise in the sence that,they are haven brothers else where and even bussineses.

  9. Big shame on South Africa. What they are doing is inhuman. The fact that their butternut head President is denying xenophobic attacks on foreigners makes situations worse. We must stand together as one Africa. Where’s da democracy which our leaders are preaching every.

  10. enough is enough and i hope Nigerians should implement this….this nonsense is running in South African veins, killing innocent brothers and sisters and their government is not penalizing the doers

  11. You foolish South Africans who bewitched you to the extent of forgetting those who stood with you during apartheid. Am surely the late President Nelson Mandela must be turning in his grave.

  12. I’ve lived in South Africa for many years. Nigerians have polluted South Africa with drugs. They’ve been warned & they don’t want to listen. When South Africans were in exile they were placed in camps & would not dare do any trading nor mix with the locals. They concentrated squarely at their struggle. Nigerians pollute every country they step into. They are worse than most. What about Ghana must go. Ghanaians will never forget hence they hate Nigerians with a passion. Nigerians are the scumbags of Africa. They need to sort out their backyard first. Where are the Chiboko girls? Your hands are not clean at all. Who are you to blame others. The main finger is pointed on YOU!

    1. I think u should close ur dirty mouth if u hav nothing to offer here. Ghana was the first that sent Nigerians back during the Nigeria civil war, same thing the did to Liberians at bujumgbura camp where Liberians lost there life and properties..Nigeria never attack them rather an ultimatum to leave.. Ghanaian and it’s Government been supported by Nigerians and it government. Ghanaian musician or movie industry been promoted and paid good money by Nigeria industry…Government of Nig supply Gas for light and even military equipment to selfish set of people who only love themselves like u and ur country, may jealous will never take u to anywhere rather Nigeria will continue to grow and play major role in our continent as the do, back to the issue have America slaughter Mexican because of drugs? , I think u and those set of stupid S/A are bit jealous and lazy… the bring the drug because u and ur friends need it to survive and u should not justify foolishness because of envies.. people like u and ur South African counterpart will remain lazy and lived in camp forever to be feed .not Nigerians who know how to feed themselves… we will, attack their brothers, destroy their companies here that make heirs of billion Dollars from Nigerians.

  13. The two biggest leading sub-saharian african contries are two big ashame! What happens to the both people ! Why this pogrom! Are we becoming devils? God save Africa! I’ve nothing to write or to say!

  14. as a south africa iam ashamed that this could even happen , attacking our brothers and sisters it is nothing but pure ignorance and i blame our president Jacob Zuma for keeping quite and taking no action , our leaders have forgotten who help us in the past when we in exiled , this is a shame

    1. Vuyani Mkalip, u spoken well. the stupid economic vampires called Jacob Zuma who is the architect to dis evil thing. halve education is Dangerous a six grade student like Zuma and racism anchored chief like Johannesburg Mayor. God will reward them after what we have don to them.

  15. Stupid South Africans. I studied with some some of these guys at our secondary school during their struggle against apetheid and we treated them well here in Uganda. What the hell is going on when the government is just watching these shameful events unfold!

  16. Not everyone can talk about apartheid coz all afriacan country being compromising peice failing to be like that because of our poor African economy.so dont blame nigerian economy for poor and kill our child there.coz ur population here is around 300000 to 500000 who are imigirated here but south african population there is not even bother to reach 10000 coz even your education system is worse than eating free at restrant and Never pay.dont be coward coz you dont even have eligimate business than asault us with alcohol and prostetute icluding disrespect our law society

  17. What about all the Nigerians selling drugs in South Africa…Turning young women into Prostitutes…When have you heard of South Africans doing that in Nigerians…

    Not all Nigerians are Bad…But a lot come to South Africa to fuck it up like they did Nigeria…

    Why sell drugs?…
    Why human traffic?…
    Why turn young innocent girls into Prostitutes..?
    Why 419 in South Africa…?

    Why can’t you come here for Good and not destroy this country like you did yours…

    I’m not South African but even I can see Nigerians are parasites that mess up every country they enter…

    Fix your own ratchet country and stop killing your own people before pointing fingers…

    95% of your country is poor because of your corrupt officials, who steal money from your people that’s why you run away to infest countries like South Africa…


    1. Chidimma Johnson as u claimed please stop raising d flag of ignorance and stupidity high here. Selling drugs, human traffic as u said does not justify u to take someone’s life.. U was the one who opted for the drug instead of good things that is why the supply u. blame those element who did not obtain proper training by their parents, that’s ur habit. did Americans Kill Mexicans or Brazil for d level of drug d supply in there country .. U and ur counterpart lazy, Jealous, selfish, Visionless, thugs, looters who have no Future set of South Africans need to stop this barbaric life sty in this contemporary world we lived . Government of S\A who lead by uneducated economic Looter like Zuma and Racist class Leader of Johannesburg, need to focus on development not using stupid people to destroy legacy of Nelson Mandela..the inherited a country that been developed by the white-man and their contribution is to kill and loot people properties, Nigerians and other black nationalities arm urself and kill these lazy set of people who only relied on holidaying as a means of Life. dis continent belong to us anywhere u are is ur home….Everyone here in this continent migrated from somewhere. U need to retract ur polluted statement and apologize for black people or else u will b roasted alife by the power of black power, no joke on it.

  18. This is just a good sign that shows you that our leaders don’t know shit about running a country, i don’t blame Black South Africans people on doing xenophobic attacks! here are my reasons, when south Africa worn independent nothing changed i mean nothing and on top of that there was no any written history to accommodate countries who made a difference in attaining the good living everyone enjoys in south Africa. We are busy learning European history and so on in our schools and our African history has not been changed a bit if not at all to accommodate everything Africans went through, Forgetting those who stood with you during apartheid and we are busy copy pasting the programs and policies of Europeans and Americans which has nothing to do with Africans. what’s happening now is the fruits of colonisation at its best, xenophobic attacks is a baby of colonisation in case you didn’t know! guess who is smiling and watching all this unfolding , one would wonder!! my dear people life is a race and there is nothing about us being equal bullshit, Africans are living very difficult life style, Firstly Our government must understands that and agrees that they fail. lets stop pretending and face the reality, A big change is needed in all policies so they benefit Africans, period!!! keep it real and focus to give the ultimate benefits to the majority who are staving and living very poor in their own land!!!

  19. The south african government is to be blamed for not putting its house in order, for my fellow south african brothers remember that we africans we are one

  20. Nigerians generally suffer from the get- rich -quick -at -all -cost syndrome which they need to curb or get rehabilitation for.They should first be homegrown and morally tested before they are sent into any other country on earth.They are generally dangerous to their host country even their rogue pastors and prophets.The South African government should deport criminal Nigerians instead of acquiescing to black South African schizophrenics or psychotics suffering from a post apartheid withdrawal syndrome or pathology to pounce on ,maim,wound and kill innocent black African foreigners at will.These countries squeezed their meagre resources to help them fight apartheid.MTN will be chased away from Anglophone Cameroon soon for colluding with the Francophone oppressive government in place and sending all messages or announcemnt into phones of subscribers in the Anglophone regions of Cameroon only in French.

  21. The rest of us Africans, should not entertain any of their Executives in our countries because their President is in favour of what their citizens are doing. Zuma is a semi illiterate person that’s why he also behaves like those vagabond illiterate natives.

  22. Nigerians are very stupid & ignorant. Ugandans are imbeciles which are voiceless! Africa unite! Most South Africans are smart; hence they had the ability to fight anything standing in their way for progress. African countries should learn to behave when they enter other countries. You will never hear South Africans misbehaving in other countries. They don’t flock there like cockroaches. Sort out your mess. All this is stupidity. Shame on you all. I’m not South African but i had so many dealings with them & they are honest & kind; just don’t cross the line. They have to be protective of their children. Drugs are not a joke! They kill a nation. Aluta kontinua!

      1. Floating in ur country gives u d impetus to take someone life, u will remain fool forever…America, give millions of people opportunity to come to their home as a civilized people , u painting dark in ur home and uneducated president like Zuma, keep quite. Remember world is a global village, if anyone commit crime prosecute him and only d court have the final verdict not u.
        South Africans, mostly their men are not civilized and always look unhealthy like Aids patient.. Dependency symdrom is the root cause of the problem of this lazy, looters, vision less set of people to attack people.
        Am calling upon all the youth of Nigerians and other African brothers to rise up against this senseles barbaric attack to retaliate by burning down all South Africans companies Like shoprite, MTN and attack any South African man u see on ur home, street anywhere in ur country.. this is d only means that Zuma and his fellow vampires will respond.

  23. Let us stop blaming other people.
    We must also admit that our fellow nigerians are destroying the country with their illegal businesses thats drugs, 491,brothel houses. Im sorry but thats not fair at all.

    Ask yourself a question, WHY ONLY THEM???

    1. Why only them?” , because of envies and jealous.. As a sound person because of illegal business give u the audacity to take someone life and destroy his properties u guys need to go for democratic rehabilitation center . all this means that ur security is not working and u are blaming people for ur misfortune, Nigerians need to burn down all the multi billion dollars investment that South Africas have and kill any South African man on the street.

  24. I don’t think any of you understand what the xenophobic attack was all about. Firstly it wasn’t even suppose to be the attack, what went wrong on that day was a misunderstanding of what had happened in the past and Nigerians fearing for their lives prepared themselves thinking that it would be the same incidents which happened then. Basically both countries are taking this wrongfully because the main problem here was the foreigners who entered the country illegally without the documents. The match was to take the memo to minister of home affairs complaining about immigrants entering the country without documents and still allowing them to stay in the country. The country is no longer a place where one would love to raise their kids due to what is has become. I’m not putting a blame on anyone but I have come across many incidents where most Nigerians are selling drugs to primary school kids and in town. Then they come to school looking for a space for a child yet they don’t have any documents nor passport or any sort of visas and still expect to be assisted. There’s an area in kempton park named rhodesfield where you’ll find 80% of Nigerians living there. It’s no longer safe to walk on the street there because cellphones, hand bags etc are being stolen and female kids are being kidnapped. I have worked in pretoria and worked with many immigrants and find those who are legal in south africa being kind, supportive and hard working. I don’t have a problem with any immigrant as I happen to be one aswell but I think I understand where they coming from because I have been in south africa for more than 30 years and what I am experiencing now ever since president Zuma took over is shocking and makes one worry about the future of South Africa. I am also a concern parent and a proud Zimbabwean citizen. What the students are doing now in Nigeria is causing more problem because at the end of the day those companies are there legally as much as South Africa has other legal Nigerian companies which are not affected by this.

  25. South African men are Lazy, looters , clueless and vision-less set of people. there is no means u can justify what this vampires are doing by taking law into there hands.. I understand where u are coming from wit ur words remember life and properties of Zimbabweans were destroyed by dis senseless people.. because of illegal Immigrant and supplying drugs will give u the right to take someone life, dats shame. Number one rapist, Aids carer, Murder existing in South were not Nigerians. I should blame those useless parent who does not know how to bring children up, the forget their responsibilities and opted for nonsense. Nigerians will never remain in Silent forever is a fight between civilized and barbaric and fire for fire is d only option.. raise up and kill every South African in Nigeria and environs, burn dow all the damm companies that make millions from Nigeria…Boko Haram Bomb, Destroy the Useless Government of Uneducated Zuma.

  26. Dear Igwe, I can feel your anger my brother. For me it seems like it is tinged with jealousy & envy & hatred. You are not rational & clearly don’t know South Africans well enough to make an intelligent judgement.Imagine if anyone came begging in your backyard & end up raping; killing or drugging you children. Personally no man or woman would touch my child & would laugh about it. Most South Africans I had dealings with are very intelligent & educated like Nelson Mandela. There is no evidence of any killings; only fake news by jealous & ignorant masses. It is a known fact that South Africans usually mind their own business & want the best for their children. Nigerian government had made a mess of our country and our children have to go to other countries to beg; they have no pride in their country because of the big headed, arrogant &stupid military president who plunders all the wealth for himself & his cronies. Nigerian men end up in all these Asian countries & end up being imprisoned & ultimately assassinated for drug trafficking. This should really come to an end. Fight your government & get rid of these corrupt presidents & leave South Africa alone to sort out theirs. Killing South Africans in your country won’t help because they hardly travel there.


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