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Photos: Kenyan President unveils over 500 new vehicles for the police



Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta has unveiled 525 vehicles which include 25 armored personnel carriers as part of the government’s police modernization programme

President Kenyatta expressed his commitment to improving the working conditions of the police and other security officers in the East African Nation.

“Four years ago, there were only 3,155 vehicles which were in a bad state of repair and this lack of effective means of transport hampered effectiveness of the National Police Service in combating terrorism and organised crime,” said the President, adding “During the first and second phases of the leasing programme, we launched 1,200 and 1,020 assorted vehicles respectively, and with the launch of 500 vehicles, we now have 2,720.”


The modernization of the police is part of the fight against terrorism and organized crime in the country. Uhuru also said the fight against crime using air surveillance has also improved after more helicopters were added and those that were broken down fixed.

“In 2013, the country had only one serviceable helicopter and at the moment we have three that are helping our security forces in the fight against crime. We also expect to have two more and bring the number to seven by July this year,” Said Uhuru

The President said that the number of police officers has increased with the country almost attaining the United Nations recommended ratio of one police officer for every 450 civilians.

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