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#PrayForSyria: Heart-breaking images from the killings in Aleppo


These pictures are REAL and happening right now. We MUST take a stand and help however we can.
Sitting here in tears completely saddened and broken by what the world is. The pain, the death, the killing of innocent lives is inhuman.
Children, families, lives being destroyed.

It is not a time where we can turn a blind eye and ignore what is happening in our world. You don’t have to be Syrian to recognize this is a war, a fight a painful and awful way to live and to die. You have to BE HUMAN. We have to help.

We feel helpless in these moments. This is really sad to see what the people of Syria are going through regardless of their race or religion. These are humans like you and I

#PrayForSyria #PrayForAleppo #PeaceToTheWorld

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