President Buhari Declares Free University for Science, Education & Technology Students!

During the 2016 fiscal year budget the Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari declared something that surely will mean great things for the country.

The historic announcement means that free education at university level is coming to science, technology and education students

He went on to announce:

“Furthermore, through the office of the Vice President, we are working with various development partners to design an implementable and transparent conditional cash transfer program for the poorest and most vulnerable.”

“This program will be implemented in phases. Already, the compilation of registers of the poorest persons is ongoing.”

“In the coming weeks, we will present the full programme which will include our home-grown public primary school feeding and free education for science, technology and education students in our tertiary institutions.”

This will really be an amazing thing for a country where many bright stars burn out due to the poverty they are born into and the inability to pay for a good level of university education. Nigeria is truly on the rise!

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