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President Buhari rejects gay marriage approval during meetings in US – Presidency


Pres. Buhari rejected the issue of gay marriage during one of his discussions in the US yesterday …

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    1. Obviously you dont know the meaning of both words “criminal” and “ignorant”. you expect us to roll over and accept what part of our culture because you have accepted it?!

  1. Shyt I’d reject that too. Clearly going against the bible .. Its supposed to be “Adam and Eve” not Adam and john..

  2. I still don’t quite get it, why sane people will choose to play in a garbage chute, but its their choice and I don’t begrudge them as long as it does not happen in my bedroom.

  3. AmeriKKKa is tryn to force a nation that has never practiced or accepted such abhorrent lust.. Stand strong brothas and sistas of Africa..!!

  4. i think nothing is wrong with Nigeria accepting gay marriage, is about being yourself and what you like to be and freedom of expression.

  5. Obama is determined to shove that perversion down the throat of other people! Why can’t he leave that crap to himself? I’m very, very convinced that Obama himself is a Gay man! I have no doubt about it.

  6. My issue is how does the United States even attempt to tell another country what its laws can be??? More of that BS… these jackasses can’t control what is going on in America, how you telling people 5,000 miles away what they should be doing?

  7. God did not create man and man to be one, but he created man and woman to be one. To be fruitful and multiply. Also america can not force another nation to agree with its demonic vision. This is why we have so much terrorist. It is ungodly
    It is not my place to judge unless it is a Godly judgement. I love all people, but this is wrong and everyone shall reap what they sow.

  8. Mr. Obama has no business trying to put nasty sh_t on another country. It wrong it speaks again that bull several times in the bible. Stay strong Kenya.


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