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President Ellen Johnson Sirlea Promises to Campaign for Liberian Women Candidates


President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has assured the Liberia Women Policy Platform that although she will not be seeking re-election in October, she will campaign for women listed and certified by the National Elections Commission (NEC) to participate in the ensuing elections.

President Sirleaf said her desire is in line with the policy of reciprocating the support of Liberian women who stood under the sun and the rain telling the Liberian people: “We, the women of Liberia, this is our time,” leading to her successive overwhelming victories in 2005 and 2011.

According to an Executive Mansion release, President Sirleaf made the statement on Tuesday in the Rotunda of the Capitol Building at the launch of the Liberian Women’s Policy Platform intended to close “A widening Gap between the women and men of Liberia in contesting for elective posts.”

President Sirleaf called on those who have been in the struggle; contested and not won as well as those that are now joining the race to bear in mind that the current campaign is about closing the gap between men and women at the National Legislature to ensure that more women are elected before she leaves office next January.

“We have to go into the various communities, from house-to-house, from door-to-door, examining their backgrounds, what they have been doing in their respective communities that we can rely on to sell to the voters,” President Sirleaf noted amid applause.

She also stressed that by doing this, it will help to elect more women so that while she will be retiring, the women will now be fending for themselves to see how they can help others to get elected at the legislature.

This will also help to advocate for women’s participation in a bid to close the gap between elected women and men on the tickets of the various political parties they are contesting on.

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