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President Museveni Takes Early Lead in Uganda Presidental Polls


Yoweri Museveni, the National Resistance Movement, presidential candidate is still leading his rivals with 1 362 ,961 votes from 6, 448 polling stations according to fresh provisional results released by Electoral Commission at 8am.

Kizza Besigye, the FDC presidential candidate is second with 736, 628 votes, Amama Mbabazi is third place with 41, 291 votes followed by Abed Bwanika with 22, 180 votes, Venansius Baryamureeba with 15, 260, Maureen Kyalya 12, 742 votes.

Benon Biraaro is in seventh position with 7,228 votes and Elton Joseph Mabirizi is last with 6, 873. According to the provisional results, Museveni has garnered 61.7 percent of the total votes tallied, Besigye 33.47 percent, and Mbabazi 1.87 percent. There are 28,010 polling stations across the country.

Earlier Provisional results released at 1am today put the incumbent Museveni in the lead with 63.6 percent.

Announcing the results at the national tally center at Mandela National Stadium, Electoral Commission chairman Badru Kiggundu said the results received slightly after 1am, were from 580 polling stations out of the 28,010 polling stations across the country – representing 2.07 percent of the polling stations.


Besigye was in second position with 32.4 percent. Mbabazi, was in third position with 2,246 votes, a percentage of 1.2. Bwanika with 1,723 votes which is 0.94 percent followed by Baryamureeba with 984 votes which is 0.53 percent.

Biraaro had 627 votes, Kyalya had 1,141 votes while Mabirizi had 503 votes.

EC Chairman Kiggundu noted that provincial results will be announced as they come in. Uganda has a total number of 15,277,198 registered voters.

Final results will be announced on Saturday February 20 at 4:00pm.


Meanwhile gunfire and teargas rocked Bulambuli town last night as police and the army tried to disperse a group of rowdy supporters of Sarah Nambozo Wekomba, a parliamentary contestant who tried to raid the tallying center.

The group of more than 70 people mainly youth camped at the gate of the tallying center at Bulambuli community hall shortly after the counting of the votes started at the various polling stations.

Armed with clubs, pangas, spears and bow and arrows, the gang, majority of whom were drunk were blocking the access to the tallying center.

All the election results that were being returned for tallying at the center were subjected to thorough checking including the polling officials and the police constables who escorted the election results.

The group overwhelmed the police who were deployed to man the gate. They blocked everyone including journalists and the election observers from accessing the tallying center.


Our reporter and another journalist Latiff Maganda of STEP Television in Mbale who tried to access the tallying center at about 9:00pm were roughed up and chased away as police looked on. They claim they were protecting their votes from being rigged.

A joint reinforcement of the military and police personnel were called from Mbale when they arrived at about midnight. Three truckloads of the UPDF soldiers and the police together with an armoured police vehicle stormed the tallying center when they group tried to attack them.

Led by James Ruweza, the Elgon Regional police commander, the anti riot police and the soldiers fired bullets in the air to scare the group. They tried to resist when several teargas canisters were fired on them when they scampered for their lives.

More than 25 of the group members were arrested and taken to Mbale central police station where they are being held. A joint deployment of the military and the police have tighten security at the tallying center.

Meanwhile, police also arrested four of the suspected group members when they tried to invade and attack the home of Irene Muloni , the Minister for Energy and Mineral Development at about 1:00am in Muyembe town council.

The suspects could not be immediately identified at the time of filing this news. Ruweza said they received intelligence information that the group were ferried from Mbale to come and cause chaos in Bulambuli.

Irene Muloni, the incumbent Woman MP is in a tight race with Sarah Nambozo Wekomba of Independent. Others are Annet Nandudu- independent, Nabukwasi Petra Enid of Forum for Democratic Change, and Eseri Nambozo, an Independent.

A preliminary results at the tallying center indicate that Muloni was in the lead by around 2am.

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