President Paul Kagame and Joseph Kabila pledge stronger ties and cooperation between Rwanda and DR Congo


Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame and his Congolese counterpart Joseph Kabila has pledged to strengthen the two countries ties and cooperation on energy, cross-border trade and security.

The two presidents met in Ruvabu where the held a lengthy discussion on a host of issues.

In a joint press briefing, the two leaders pledged to speed up work to tap into the extraction of methane gas in Lake Kivu, to generate energy.

They also promised to work together to strengthen cross-border trade as well as establish a stronger mechanism for sharing intelligence.

“Rwanda and DR Congo being very close neighbours, we always get concerned for each other. We want security, we want economic cooperation, and we want stability for each other. So, we are discussing how to enhance that,” President Kagame said after the meeting.

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