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Quote by President Mugabe on the Xenophobic attack in South Africa


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  1. It’s unfortunate that people in South Africa think that way it’s actually a disease of the mind that need total emancipation. The question remains ‘Who is to blame for this mentality.

  2. Tanzania can be likened to SA, though in Tanzania xenophobia is silent. Only barbarians can harbour this kind of feelings against their fellow Africans.

  3. if I have my way I would suggest all foreigners to leave south Africa let’s see how their illiterate citizens will survive in every sector. But s/Africa is one of the African country that has the best university, how comes that her citizens are so illiterate

  4. It is only in south africa whey population get their grands from the government, they have got children grands, disability grands, old passion grands ect…and have access of a credit to any bank of south afrca,all this opportunities none of a foreigners is including in, even those children foreigners who are born in south Africa don’t get on that grand, so I don’t see any good reason for citizens of south africa to complain about foreigners.

  5. I personally think Africa has a general problem of greedy presidents who are old and worn but don’t want to leave power but South African Citizens behaving like babarians in this age is unheard of. If we can’t love one another then we cannot grow and that’s why the West will continue to have a strong grip on us. Its a shame my brothers in South Africa are so inhumaine.

  6. The South Africans feel that the presence of other Africans in their country is the cause of their misfortunes, but they are found in other African Nations, investing in business, working and doing all other businesses and no body molest them there.
    Is it fair?
    They are looking for a way for accuse those people now for involving in illegal business while they support them and encourage them there.

  7. I don’t agree with the violence that is happening ander our watch some of urs are employing the foreigners because of the skills they r having in construction sector, but the Nigerians they r killing our brothers and sisters we must stop those who r breaking our laws together we can stop them

  8. If only africans can come out of this curse of unemployment, lack of education, mistrust among themselves and dependence on west. Africa can shine as a great continent which is rich in all resources. What is lacking is trust in Humanity. God save Africa.

  9. I wish I wasn’t a South African how come u kill your own blood your brother and sister*nobody was born to take someone job those people came to South Africa to make a living to feed their families whale u busy smoking drugs when u high u say their taking your job that’s bullsh*t

  10. Will the act of South Africa please Nelson Mandela if he was alive?…Africa is for Africans, the division into Countries is a mere colonial/political concept. South Africa Africans should be ashamed of themselves. Killing their brothers for employment. They should tender an apology and an undertaken to all Africans across the globe else the blood of those they killed will hunt them and their generations forever.


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