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How do you convince the upcoming generation that education is the key to success when we are surrounded by poor graduates and rich criminals?

~Robert Mugabe

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  1. This is true. Reality check shows that our education system is another of factory manufacturing of professional robots. When supply is high, demand is low. Am sure the great king bob must know this and do something about it.

  2. The successful of young generation is on our hands, working hard without depending with any one,otherwise future is invisible.

  3. And you can not afford to resign from your vision and your dreams just because their too much crooks who are making it without education , I can not afford to be a criminal .. For further will never be guaranteed in that. # Blessed generation not a cursed one..

    1. He is a good presedent. I can tell u if not because of santions which the White put on Zimbabwe like eveyone will be Happy. And the West have freez Zimbabwe money. That also mean they steal their money too

  4. Of course his right, they are getting richer and more,taking shortcuts in life and nothing is being done, no one is able to investigate the matter coz they are in the same boat.

  5. I think is high time the black race stop blaming other race for their predicaments.
    I have being in Africa all my life and I see the evil they do to themselves.

  6. True indeed, we all went to the university and continue to flock there, only to learn what is already known so that we function as remote controlled robots

  7. Thus a good quote but you forgot to abuse for me the other president you named “the son of bitch whom disorganized peace in Libya”
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  8. Its strange what africa has turned out to be,but with able leader we can make it,at times they say everything happens for a reason but at times i wonder waht is the reason behind what africa is going through.


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