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Relationship Advice: I slap my husband anytime i’m angry and he doesn’t react


Am use to slapping my husband, I get away with every slap I give him and he is too soft . I started slapping him since out university days and he has never raised his hands on me, so I got so use to slapping him at the slightest provocation .

Yesterday we went out to shop, and he got me angry, I could not hold it so I slapped him 3 times in public, my husband did not do anything he just stood like a fool looking at me as he held the basket so tight . One foolish girl from nowhere came and pounced on me, slapped me and started fighting me,people came to hold her as she was screaming, I will teach you how to respect a man, I will teach you how to respect a man.

I was not funny, my husband was just looking like a zombie, this girl scratched my face and injured me. Out of anger I pounced on my husband again for not fighting for me and people started separating us. My husband for the first time walked away on me and I have not seen him since yesterday . His phones switched off. Please do you all think he went home with that strange girl? How do I apologize to him? I am really sorry . I need advise not insult .

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  1. You had a such extremely ordinary husband of which he respected you all the time , then you take advantage on him. I don’t think you deserve him. Find yourself someone else and try to slap him as you used to do when you get angry.

  2. For me I think you haven’t done well, in public you to control yourself, your husband loved you that’s why he was not replying to your slapping him, but now you see your follow woman deal with you, I think you can now learn lessons.

  3. Hahahah funny story and stupid Man, I don’t blame the woman at all, he allowed the slaps so he should Enjoy it, maybe at last the slap has eventually put some senses in his head.

  4. Don’t worry my dear.I am personally touched by your story and if it is true that u have finally realised your mistakes then you have to try as much as possible to find him for forgiveness and reconciliation. If he is not totally off with u then u still stand that second chance.

  5. Lol. You not serious. Come try that in Ghana with an AKAN man who wouldn’t even take an insult. Call him a stupid man and get that mouth of yours checked in the mirror, talk less of slapping him thrice in public. Nonsense.

  6. He meant nothing to you while he was around. I hope you now get to realize how special it was, that you took for granted. Some people open their eyes when it is too late….


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