Relationship Advice: I’m married, but I have this very strong urge of sleeping with my gate man

I have this very strong urge of sleeping with my gate man, this guy has been washing the cars and watering the flowers and I can see his body from my window. My husband has been away for weeks now and not coming back anytime soon , my body is so wet, I have masturbated but still I can’t concentrate , I have tried cooking to distract myself but the feeling is so strong.

I even started washing my clothes that I have not done for years but I can feel my pants dripping . I want to drive out but am scared I might just grab the guy if he comes to open the gate. What should I do? I am actually typing this to distract myself, and hoping the comments will distract me too. I don’t want to regret this, but my body won’t let me.

I am still looking as him as I type, I don’t know what is happing to me. I have sent hubby a message and he is always in a meeting or busy , I tried to chat him up but he was forming man man asking me to respect myself. Pls how do I kill this feeling, it is so strong .

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