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Relationship Advice: My boss’s desperate wife wants me to sleep with her


My name is Collins, a 32-year-old man. I work for a top businessman and politician who is from my hometown in the eastern part of the country.

Apart from coming from my hometown, we are distant relations and I have been living with him for over 10 years now. I am his Personal Assistant and part of my job include driving him and his family whenever the need arise.
My wedding is coming up later this year and my boss is the sponsor of the wedding but his wife is making life a living hell for me.

The woman is way younger than my boss and coupled with the fact that he travels a lot due to his business and political affiliations, we are often left alone in the house with the house helps and their two young children. My problem is that the woman whom I call aunt even though I am two years older than she is, has tried every trick in the world to get me to sleep with her, something I always find a way out of.

She has promised me heaven and earth if I accept to be her sex mate. She knows my fiancee but she tells me she does not mind sharing me with another woman. The fact that my boss is related to me does not seem to deter her as she keeps telling me that since we are not blood brothers, then having sex with her will not amount to incest.

In recent times, she has been making life difficult for me, going as far as telling my boss cooked up stories about me and my saving grace is that I have lived with him for so long and he knows what I can do, so he too is wondering why his wife suddenly hates me so much. She has even stopped my fiancee from coming to the house and the last time she came, my aunt chased her out of the house.

The last time, she gave me an ultimatum to either sleep with her or she would make sure I am disgraced out of their house and stop my boss from sponsoring my wedding. I have contemplated telling my boss what his wife has been doing to me but I am sure he will not believe me and that could spell doom for me.

What should I do as this woman is bent on destroying me?

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