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Relationship Advice: My husband brought a woman home from the club


Admin my story might sound funny but it is not. On Friday night, my husband came back from club with a girl, he was banging on the gate till I came down that early morning to open for him, he pushed me away as he held the lady in her hand and matched inside . I was still waiting for an explanation when they started entering our room, I pulled the girl back and asked her to get to the sitting room and wait, my husband just slapped me and pulled the girl inside,pushed me out and banged the door on me. I was still sitting on the floor wondering if it was a dream I need to wake u from. We did Not fight or quarrel, he just told me that he was attending a friends birthday bash and that was it.

My husband was banging this girl while I listened from the door, I had to go carry pestle and was hitting on the door because the pain I could not bear, I hit and hit until I got tired, so I just sat and cried my eyes out. I think I slept of on the floor and I woke up in the morning and notice they had left . I took my bath, and began to pack my things that Saturday morning , I just packed few things to go to my friends place to cool my head, because if I set my eyes on him I could kill him.

I was still packing my things inside my car when my husband drove in and asked where I was going to, I ignored him, he was acting all normal like nothing happened,I pushed him away and warned him not to come close, he still did and I slapped him, he was acting surprised still, I rushed inside and got a bucket of water poured him, he was just asking me to calm down and tell him what he did wrong, I did not understand him, so I bursted into tears,asking him why he brought in a slut to our home and he was stilling acting surprised .i just slapped him again and drove out. He has been calling me and his family calling me too but I refuse to pick. He has dropped lots of messages telling me to come home that he might have been jazzed😳. Can you people help me analyze this rubbish talk . What do you all think ? Is this man trying to call me foolish or what ?

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  1. I don’t know you but let God deal with your husband. On all grounds that’s infidelity. He beat you for another woman and in front of another woman. Then defiled your marital bed and trust. Really girl by fire by force he will pay. He knows he can cry to you and you’ll forgive no problem forgive and don’t vex. But move and God will bless you with a God fearing man. Your husband has no accountability and conscience. Please fast and ask God for His wisdom. I love you and I’m so sorry and disgusted to hear this. I’m a young single woman who surfed the internet for cheating topics and honestly I pray to God you will marry another man who is accountable to God!


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