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Relationship Advice: My husband is homosexual


When we met, he told me “no sex before marriage”, though I was no virgin and sexually active I felt I had finally met my ‘Mr. Right’. On our wedding night all he did was to kiss me goodnight on the forehead. When we went on our honeymoon, he never made love to me not even for a second. He found an excuse to return to the Accra on the 3rd day.

When the honeymoon period was over for me, I returned home unannounced only to find my husband making love to his male partner on our matrimonial bed. He was shocked, knelt and started begging. His partner dressed up and vanished, that was when he told me his story, he begged me not to divorce him and that I could have extra marital affairs, because if I divorced him people will get to know about what he has been hiding from the public all this while.

I am confused, what should I do??

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  1. My lady what are you waiting for? Simply divorce him and the public would get to know he is a gay. Guys paaa you want to be fucking two anus


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