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Relationship Advice: My wife has a penis! I discover on our wedding night


I have been sitting on this same spot since last night, wondering how i got myself into this. We dated for one year and she did not for once let me see her nakedness. Insisting on no sex before marriage. How foolish I was; she’s so beautiful and i thought it was worth the wait. I’m confused

we got married on Monday and before the reception, i begged her to let me have a taste of the cookie and she refused and i agreed because “A little suspense is always good”.

Imagine my shock at night when i saw my wife with an erect penis. I almost punched her. She said shw was born that way but for pete’s sake, why did she hide it from me. I can’y stop crying. I built my life around her, i’m so weak. I can’t even tell my friends and family about this.

Please what should I do?

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  1. Please forgive her for not letting you know. And move on with your marriage. She is a “hemophrodyte”female with both male and female genitals ,

  2. Leave! This was a relationship built on deceit. You have one life, and you have to decide, if you’re willing to stay in a situation where you have been deceived and traded those marriage vows, under an illusion of deceit, that has landed you where you are this very moment, or you can get the “marriage” annulled/divorce and be free to find a woman from head to toe, born as a woman with the woman part naturally, etc. Bottom line, you were lied to, and deceived and deceived because the person didn’t want you to leave them. Why torture yourself and fight yourself over the selfishness of someone, that stringed you along and failed to give you a choice in the matter, instead of allowing you to fall in love thinking to trap you in a marriage? It’s two choices you have, stay or leave? It’s that simple. If you’re worried about breaking vows, they were broken the moment you were deceived. Goodluck.


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