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Relationship Advice: Should I continue to mind my business, or I tell them the truth?


Hello. Basically I am this gentle introvert guy. I mind my own business and work with my hands. My cousin and I stay in an apartment we rented together but I have really not been liking what he has been doing. He has 4 different girlfriends all madly in love with him. He has a perfect scheduling for them and each girl has never clashed in his place or know they’re not his only girl friend. But each time I see these girls in our place, cooking, acting wife material, I really feel pity for them.

Most times, they even ask me to bring my clothes, they wanna wash for me….Which i swiftly decline all the time. When you are not my maid. These girls r really nice and my cousin does not deserve to be doing this to them. Literarily, these girls r siting on a time bomb and completely have no idea. I see them and see somone’s heart abt to be broken. I cant really stand it anymore and I have decided to tell them. But I av two questions….

I know guys will particularly frown at this but I think what is wrong is wrong.

1. Should I tell the girls or continue to mind my own business. Will that not be me betraying my blood(my cousin)

2. If yes, How do I tell them without any evidence leading to me whatsoever from my cousin that I am the one who told them.

I really cant stand how very nice girls fall into the hands of devils. Sorry cous for calling you a devil.

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