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Richest People In Tanzania 2015 – Forbes List


The United Republic of Tanzania is located in East Africa. Tanzania’s economy is heavily based on agriculture. It accounts for more than 25 percent of GDP and around 85 percent of exports. Tanzania has minerals like gold, diamond, coal, uranium, iron, nickel, chromium, tin, platinum and others.

Tanzania has produced many rich people. Here is a brief overview of the top four among them, according to Forbes.

4) Reginald Mengi – Net Worth: $560 Million

This self-made media mogul heads one of the largest media conglomerates in Africa. His IPP Media Group owns 11 newspapers, radio stations, TV stations and internet properties.



3) Said Salim Bakhresa Net Worth: $575 Million

The 65-year-old self-made millionaire is a Tanzanian businessman. He launched Azam TV, a pay TV service for East Africa. He dropped out of school when he was 14 to sell potato mix.


2) Rostam Azizi – Net Worth $1 Billion

Rostam Azizi is the first billionaire from Tanzania. In May 2014, he sold a 17.2 percent stake in Vodacom Tanzania, the largest mobile phone operator in the nation.



1) Mohammed Dewji – Net Worth: $1.3 Billion

This 40-year-old Tanzanian millionaire is the youngest among Africa’s 50 richest for the third year. He owns 75 percent of METL Group, one of Tanzania’s largest industrial conglomerates founded by his father. Mohammed Dewji turned a trading house into industrial conglomerate. He acquired government-owned manufacturing plants in the textiles and edible oils industries on the cheap and transformed them into profitable businesses using lean management style.

Mohammed Dewji

The above-mentioned millionaires have proved that it is possible for anyone to be rich as long as the person is willing to work hard, with focus.

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