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Rwanda’s president, Paul Kagame chosen by ruling party as candidate for 3rd term



Rwanda’s ruling party has chosen longtime President Paul Kagame as its candidate for the country’s election scheduled for August 4.

1929 members out of 1930 eligible voters at his RPF-Inkotanyi party’s congress on Saturday 17th of June made the decision to re-elect him for the country’s top job.

Kagame has ruled the East African nation since 2000. He was elected unopposed Saturday by Rwandan Patriotic Front members.

He is expected to face a handful of challengers who either represent small parties or are independent.

The 59-year-old President agreed to run in the contest and to continue to lead the country to more prosperity, peace, and stability.

“Now that you brought me here to accept it, I will give it and you my all. I will do it to the best of my ability” the president told RPF delegates and representatives from nine other local parties who were invited for the congress.

“There’s a caveat here. It is not just being president. It’s not just having a right to be president. Rwanda wants and needs the right president,” he added.

Out of 11 registered political parties, nine have said they would back Kagame instead of fielding their own candidates.

Kagame’s decision to pursue a third term comes after the country’s constitution was amended in a 2015 referendum, allowing him to run for an additional seven-year term and then two five-year terms.

That means Kagame could remain until 2034.

Rwanda’s opposition called the referendum undemocratic and the United States, a key ally, opposed Kagame’s decision to stay in power.

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  1. In spite of his enviable achievement, Kagame should have step down before he spoil his own records. This is Africa for Christ same. After all they are not practicing monarch system.


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