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Saudi Arabia Adopts Western Gregorian Calender



Saudi Arabia, the country that the muslim world looks upto as the custodians of the two Holy Mosques and the guardians of true islam and sunnah, has just announced that it has adopted the western Gregorian calender for all it’s office functions, includinding the preparation and payment of monthly salaries beginning October 1, 2016.

This however does not come as a surprise since the appointment of Prince Muhammad bin Salman as Deputy Crown Prince in January 2015.

He is slso the Chief of the Royal House and Defence Minister. Also early this year, he was made the head of the Saudi Economic Council and Development.

These positions made him the alpha and omega of what goes on in the Kingdom. Middle-East affairs analysts are in agreement on their view that the 31-year old son of King Salman is being groomed to take over the reigns of power from his 82-year old father that is said to be showing signs of dementia.

The introduction of the use of western calender may be a preamble to his secular vision for the Hijaz Arabia. The New York Times, the Washington Times and the London magazine, Economist have all envision a liberal Saudi Arabia under Muhammad bin Salman when he becomes king.

There are already talks that he may push for women to have freedom to drive, as he already abolished the decree that forced women to be with their Muharams (guardians) whenever they are travelling outside their city of residence. By the way, not to get things wrong, Islam does not prohibit women from driving cars or riding horses and camels solo. It is merely a decision by the Saudi government.

An ally of the US, Saudi Arabia is currently fighting a proxy war with Yemen rebels that are backed by Iran, ISIS in Syria and managing internal strife from Alqa’ida extremists inside the Kingdom.

Despite its alliance with America, the US Congress had over the week, over-ruled the veto by President Obama on a bill allowing families of victims of the 9/11 tragedy to sue Saudi Arabia. 15 out of the 18 hijackers of the planes that crushed into the twin towers in New York and the Pentagon building in Washington DC, are Saudi nationals.

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