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See Photos: Mercedes-Benz has revealed its self-driving ‘Future Bus’


Mercedes-Benz has revealed its self-driving ‘future bus’ which it says will be the local public transport of the future. The bus runs without the need for a driver.

It uses Daimler’s City Pilot technology which includes 10 cameras and long and short-range radar systems which help the bus to find its position on the road, and interact with its surroundings.

The City Pilot technology integrates the bus with the city’s traffic light systems network and has an automatic braking system.

The bus will be divided into three zones – a ‘service zone’ at the front, an ‘express zone’ in the middle for passengers travelling short distances, and a ‘lounge zone’ at the back for those staying on for a longer stay.

The bus has been tested on a 12 mile (20 km) route through Amsterdam in the Netherlands, where it performed without any problems – although there was a driver in place in case of emergency.

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