Senegal has put to bed the presidential limits issue, voting overwhelmingly in favour of reducing presidential terms from seven to five years. The country will maintain the two terms limit.

According to reports, 63 percent of voters approved the proposed constitutional changes, which included a raft of other changes.

President Macky Sall will not be affected by the changes and he will complete a seven-year mandate that runs until 2019, after which the five year term limit will come into effect.

Although President Sall reneged on his electoral campaign promise to cut the presidential term from seven to five years, he has been commended for not extending the two term limits.

Term limits remain a controversial issue in Africa, where some leaders have overseen constitutional amendments to extend their stay in power beyond the two terms in office. Various countries where laws have been changed to benefit the incumbent include Algeria, Angola, Burundi, Chad, Djibouti, Uganda and more recently Rwanda.

Leaders who have made overtures to extend their stay in office beyond mandated terms.

  • Denis Sassou Nguesso – Republic of the Congo
  • Pierre Nkurunziza – Burundi
  • Paul Kagame – Rwanda
  • Joseph Kabila – Democratic Republic of Congo

 Source: Senenews