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In Germany, teachers have the highest salary in the country, and when judges, doctors and engineers asked the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel for the same salary, she told them “How can I compare you to those who taught you?”

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  1. why shouldn’t teachers be paid more than other professionals?
    They prepare scheme of work, lesson plans, and lesson notes from different sources, to fit the need(s) of every student.
    They go through hard conditions, and most can’t even boast of a better accommodation after pension. It’s a high time we looked at teachers conditions of service, rather than the so many critics they receive when students fail due to failure of education stakeholders to provide necessities for learning.

  2. Teachers should be paid handsomely for their work for they are concerned with training human resources in a holistic manner, unlike other professionals. They really deserve more. Thanks.

  3. I think teachers all over th world deserve better conditions of services and good salaries but unfortunately, teachers in Ghana are the least paid workers in the public sector . Why? Because the mode and manner in which teachers are recruited is very bad.

  4. Teachers ought to be paid a good salary because they bear a lot on their shoulders. Its them to prepare an individual into what he/she will ultimately become. They do the disciplining of the citizens. They promote order in society through instilling the right skills, values and attitudes. A teacher looks for what to teach, prepares it in a way to suit the learners brain, marks papers exercises and tests, discusses results (gives an accountability of students performance), guides students’ revision and discussions, fights immorality, awakens learners talents, feels for the learner and lives for the nation. #TEACHERDESERVESBEST

  5. Mrs. Merkel NEVER said that! And btw, teachers might deserve the highest salary, but by far are not even close to what that FAKE NEWS (!) is implying.


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