South Africa’s 7years-old Michelle Nkamankeng, Makes History After She Top 10 List Of Youngest Writers In The World


Seven year-old Michelle Nkamankeng has made history by making it onto the global top 10 list of youngest writers.

The young South African writer recently published her first book, Waiting for the Waves, which has catapulted her onto a prestigious list.

Michelle was added onto the list of the top 10 youngest writers in the world and she becomes the youngest author from Africa to be listed, a remarkable achievement worth to be celebrated.

According to Michelle’s Twitter account, which is managed by her mother Laurentine Nkamankeng, the seven year-old writer says, “My dream is to inspire young children to believe in themselves”.

Waiting for the Waves is a story inspired by a family visit to the beach. The experience taught Michelle to confront and conquer her fear of the huge waves after she receives encouragement from her family.

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The book is the first of a four-part series that will be published over the next few years.

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