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South Sudan Stability: Juba plans to hold elections in 2018 to avoid a power vacuum


South Sudan plans to hold elections next year. That’s according to the timetable of a peace deal signed back in 2015. Juba says failure to hold the elections could create a vacuum that would create more disagreements and violence in the country.

The unity government vows to go ahead with elections in 2018 before the end of the transitional period. Juba says elections would be the only option to put in place a government after the interim period.

It insists it would send a clear message to those who have chosen violence as a means to obtain power that a peaceful way to leadership in South Sudan is possible through a democratic process.

The government here says failure to hold elections would create a vacuum since the interim period would end and there would be no legitimate administration to take over.

“This is South Sudan it’s not an exception, there have been insecurity all over the world, nevertheless elections are held, you can not take insecurity to be an excuse for not running elections,” Michael Makuei Leuth, Information Minister for South Sudan, told CGTN.

Some political analysts, however, say the unity government should instead focus on bringing peace back to the country. They say that organising free, fair and credible elections needs more time. But Juba says all is set for the country to go to the polls.

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