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South Sudan’s president orders military to bring in fleeing Vice President Dead or Alive



The President of South Sudan, Salva Kiir (left) on Monday July 25th wrote a letter to the military ordering them to produce his deputy and now rival, Riek Machar, dead or alive. Riek who is rebel leader had led his forces to clash with those of President Salva in early July, a situation that led to the death of over 300 people. Riek is currently on the run. A copy of the letter president Salva sent to the Army below

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  1. why Afreecan brothers become an enemy because of power,what is power by then?i think it is when a group of people work together as one and accomplish all the issues concerning national development and peoples lives so as to make up peace,love and security being what they do share.President Kiir and former deputy,Riek should end the war as many have already died.We need more people as labor force and so if we kill each other and invite famine,diseases,migration of our people and so we will be having oil,gas and all other resources as our wealth but who do we utilize for if we kill each other?or we will still say it is a curse?No,we curse ourselves for not having plans,love and a better leadership ways to reach our goals…what about our children,where will they stay?what will they experience if not just being running from they home as immigrants?…the blood we spill over our fights is our curse,stop it dear brothers and sisters,we need each other for a better Afreecan continent …


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