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Sudanese journalist, Ms Shamail Alnour faces death sentence over an article she wrote


A female Sudanese journalist has gotten herself into trouble over her article on condom use. According to The East Africa report, Ms Shamail Alnour is being accused of apostasy for her article on the use of condom as a protection against the HIV/Aids scourge.

Her article had explained how condoms could help stem the rising cases of HIV/Aids infections in the predominantly Muslim state. An article which prompted strong reactions and criticism from several of her compatriots who felt that it went against the Islamic values.

Radical Islamic leader Mohamed Ali Algizoli has accused Ms Alnour of apostasy and has called on the authorities to prosecute her for the crime, which is punishable by a death sentence in Sudan.
Although, journalist groups and the opposition have reportedly thrown their weight behind Ms Alnour by organising solidarity campaigns.

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  1. Using Condom is one of the protective mechanism to fight against HIV/AIDs. The mechanism more predominantly helpful to the lives of Women. Ms Shamail Alnour taught such protective mechanisms,yet conservatives may deny the teaching. In reality African Women are more prone to HIV/AIDs than men where Women allowed to marry husband and Men are allowed to marry more than one wives. So Ms Shamail Alnour article stands for women health and survival rather than contradicting with Islamic law.


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