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Sudanese President Al- Bashir honoured for great leadership


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The African Dignity Forum honoured the President of the Republic of Sudan, Omar Al- Bashir for great efforts of Sudan in Africa and the President’s outstanding role as an African leader who is a pioneer in working for development and prosperity of Africa and the unity of its visions reports Sudan News Agency.

President Omar Hassan Al-Bashir received the African Dignity Award for being a symbol of resistance, strong leadership and his commitment for African institutions according to Ethiopian News Agency.

President Al-Bashir was given the recognition to show his achievements to the international community, his efforts in solving disputes and his continuous endeavours to achieving accord and peace.

“This is an expression of respect and honor for all the African nations and for the glorious men and women who struggled for liberty and dignity of the continent…. The honor put a responsibility upon me and my colleague the leaders of African countries to step up our struggle against discrimination and injustice”, President Al-Bashir is quoted saying

Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn was also recognized for his strong commitment to hosting the first African Dignity forum in Addis Ababa.

African Dignity Forum comprises of a group of academicians from different African countries that have adopted principles that reject the foreign intervention in the African affairs and call for cessation of the modern colonialism targeting the African leaders.

The ceremony was at the Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia on Friday, celebrating the African heritage and culture, rejecting injustice and tyranny, and celebrating the African unity and its significance in the prosperity of the continent. took place from July 25 to 29 was organized by Addis Ababa University, UN University for Peace, Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies African Network.

Source: CCTV Africa

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