Tanzania has ordered private schools to reduce fees as part of a government review of education, the BBC reports.

According to the Education Commissioner Eustela Bhalausesa, private schools are expected to submit their proposed fees for 2016 to a board for review. Private schools’ representatives reportedly say they are willing to negotiate with government authorities.

The education ministry has banned state schools from charging extra contributions Photo: Global Giving

According to the BBC, the government introduced free primary education in 2002, and from January next year, annual fees at secondary schools will be abolished.

Expensive school fees continue to be a stumbling block preventing students in many African countries from accessing education, and the development will undoubtedly ease pressure off parents who struggle to pay fees.

School fees and extra contributions remain prohibitively expensive for many families in various African countries.

While the ban on contributions at state schools will come as a relief to parents, reports say the move “will leave head teachers further stretched as they try to run their schools”.

Source: BBC