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Tanzania will not accept foreign aid with strings attached



The government of Tanzania has refused to accept financial aid with conditions set out by donors from the international community reports the Citizen.

Tanzania’s Vice President Ms Samia Suluhu Hassan said that the Tanzanian government will not give in to strict conditions set out by some donors before accessing the financial support. She added that the government will gladly accept well intentioned aid.

“We cannot accept funds on condition of, say, endorsing same sex marriages. This cannot be tolerated. We shall run our country using our own money and resources,” she stressed.

Tanzania will use its own resources to build its economy

“We need to ensure that we pay taxes drawn from the money we make in our various businesses in order to bring about the development of our country,” she emphasised, adding: ” We can only build our country if we collect enough internal revenue and we are the ones to do so. We don’t need to depend on donors,”

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  1. Why is she stressing so much on taxing to develope country. She thinks they can survive on that? She should be taliking about developing about developing the industries and markets in order to make maney to develop her country. Depend on taxing citizens and you achieve nothing but just making them poorer because money is not generated from anywhere else

  2. Wow! If only all African leaders will say this. Africa can truly develop with its own internally raised funds. Our leaders in their quest to have plenty before them so as to amass will overlook the wealth our countries and citizens can offer for development. They invest sums of the internally generated funds in their homes, friends so they have little for the main developmental agenda. They therefore make us believe that borrowing is the only way out. Even if we don’t agree, they will still go for it. ‘Just a mere formality so the noise makers (citizens) can talk as we chop the moneys’. Even those aids that are gotten they don’t bring all. Some are invested before the rest are brought. And when they are brought home, they still invest some in their own comforts. They do all these because it is not their headaches to worry how these moneys will be paid. He knows he is going to stay for two terms in eight years and therefore ‘when I leave someone else will come.’ They don’t worry because, their families and they, sleep in cushions of moneys of sweating and suffering citizens. Africa can really develop without borrowing and so called aids with strings. Tanzania should set the pace for all other African countries to follow.


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