Tanzania Will not be Outdone, They are Making Trucks, Meet the Nyumbu [Photos]

A number of African countries chose  institutions of higher learning like universities to develop cars  like  Nyayo Pioneer cars of the University of Nairobi in Kenya, which was commissioned by the then president Daniel Toroitich arap Moi, while Uganda featured with the Kiira EV of Makerere University, this project has continued to grow ever since. The Kiira will be going on sale this year possibly.

Tanzania was also onto something

Tanzania at the same time was using the national Ministry of Defense and National Service to develop their own vehicles. The Tanzania Automotive Technology Center (TATC) was tasked with coming up with technological innovations.

The TATC received their start up and subsequent funding for uplifting and maintenance from the government coffers. The center designs, develops and manufactures motor vehicles and other pieces of machinery in line with its mission. Several vehicle models have since been produced pursuant to this dream. Check out some of the trucks developed and manufactured by the TATC.

Tanzania Automotive Technology Centre (TATC). Established with an idea of creating a Centre of excellence in Tanzania to advance technology innovations, with the ultimate aim of attaining self reliance in technology relevant to the economic and social well-being of our country.

TATC was established in 1985 by a presidential decree, as a Research and Development Government Institution under the Ministry of Defence and National Service. The Centre is wholly owned by the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania.
Establishment Purpose
To create a Centre of Excellence in Tanzania to advance technological innovations, with the ultimate aim of attaining self reliance in technology relevant to the economic and social well being of the country.


Building of TATC
TATC was built through heavy Government investment , leading to;
• Technology acquisition through ‘technology transfer initiatives’ between Timoney Technology Ltd of the republic of Ireland and the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania.
• Construction of the TATC technology infrastructure from a green field
Principal Functions of TATC
To adapt existing engineering technology to alleviate some of the existing problems in transport, agricultural machinery and industry (implementation or pursuit of this function results into adapted or reverse engineered technologies)
To design and develop for production, vehicles, plant and machinery suited to the needs of Tanzania. (implementation or pursuit of this function results into TATC developed technologies).
To conduct research in materials for use in field of mechanical engineering (Material research, metal plastics, rubber, composites.)
To provide consultancy services in the fields of electro-mechanical engineering (industrial consultancy services)
To act as a high technology training Centre.
To conduct quality assurance of land equipment and machinery purchased by the Government.
To undertake any special engineering tasks as directed by the Government

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