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The Greatest Lies Ever Told About Money



SOMEONE ONCE STATED, “Only the truth is true. An addition to the truth is false. A subtraction from the truth is a lie. An exaggeration of the truth is a lie.” To that, I say a big YES!

Over the centuries, an eccentric fantasy in human evolution is growing up with lies. Since the time we learnt to hear, our ears have been filled with honey-coated lies, superstitions as they call it. Hardly was there a field of life without one or more peculiar lies – religion, politics, finance, name it. In this article, we will be examining the greatest lies ever told about money. Follow.


Like seriously? Money is time? Money is health? Money is joy? Money is eternity? Money is peace? Money is home? Money is…
Will someone just shut me up?
If money was everything, why do the rich cry? Why do the wealthy lie down face flat before the wretched? Why do the powerful pockets still have desires?
No. money isn’t everything. Money can’t buy everything.

The rich man in one of Jesus’ parable could not order for a glass of water in hell, despite his mouth-tearing wealth. Can you, with your Naira, purchase peace of mind? Can your Dollar earn you a good home? Can your Rupees fetch you life after death. Can your Pound buy you immortality?

Ask the rich. They’ll tell you money isn’t everything. All their “notes” are slaves in the hands of time!
Sadly enough, we live in a dispensation where money has created more foes that friends, more quarrels than quietness. If money – the man-made catalyst for evil – was everything, do you ever think we have a hope in this world? I don’t think so.

Money can do some things, but it will be helpful to know that it has its limits – to avoid unnecessary disappointments. Be not deceived, reader.

Watch out for the concluding part on this episode.

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