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The President Obama Just Decided To Forgive $7.7 Billion Worth Of Student Loan Debt


The nation’s student loan debt is one of the biggest debts in history. Plus, with the average cost of attending college constantly on the rise, it’s a debt that will only keep growing. The crippling debt is one of the largest issues facing the younger generations, and those who have graduated are facing the roughest hardships because of it. Several thousands of post-grad adults are drowning in student debt and with entry-level job incomes, it’s safe to say that most of it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

In fact, the debt crisis is so real that a few presidential hopefuls have even based entire campaigns and marketing strategies around ensuring free college tuition. With such positive feedback from the younger generations about this, it’s no wonder President Barack Obama decided to join in on the fun. This morning he announced his incredible plan to aid several thousand people with their overwhelming debt.

He’s Making It Rain!


The President just announced his plans to forgive a staggering $7.7 billion worth of outstanding debt racked up by student loans for the permanently disabled. Over 400,000 people will get help from this action, almost half of whom were about to have their checks or Social Security garnished. This financial aid will surely ease their burdens and provide some t least a little leeway in the debt crisis.

Stacks On Stacks On Stacks. . .


Those Americans who are permanently disabled don’t know when exactly this amazing plan will go into place, but one thing is for sure: Obama will make it happen before he leaves the White House next winter.


This Is A Major Relief!


You Can’t Deny That He Loves Students

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