Today marks the 5th anniversary of the death of Libyan revolutionary and politician Muamma Gaddafi, who was killed in Sirte in 2011


Commonly known as ColonelGaddafi, he was born near the town of Sirte, in western Libya. Gaddafi ruled Libya for nearly 42 years.

Gaddafi remains a divisive figure, on one hand he is considered as one of Africa’s widely respected statesmen, an anti colonial hero and a fervent proponent of African unity and economic empowerment. Gaddafi won plaudits from many Africans for his stance on the West and socialist ideas.

On the other hand, many Libyans and critics consider Gaddafi a thin-skinned dictator who brutally descended on dissent, while others consider him an unrepentant racist who considered Africans to be beneath him. Gadaffi’s legacy remains contentious and contested.

Five years after his death Libya is still in turmoil, Libyan people and Africans at large are still debating whether the military intervention was justified and the right policy and whether killing Gaddafi was a good decision, which will eventually bring lasting peace.

Photo: ANP

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