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U.S vows to pressurise Nigeria to legalise gay marriage


The US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Linda Thomas-Greenfield (pictured above) has stated that they would continue to pressurize Nigeria until it legalizes same sex marriage. She made this known on Monday July 13 during a live-web chat with journalists in Washington.

“As a government, it is one of the highest priorities and strongest values that discrimination against anyone based on their sexual orientation and gender identity is wrong. We believe human rights should be available to everybody. As a policy, we will continue to press the government of Nigeria, as well as other governments which have provided legislation that discriminate against the LGBT community. This is very much a work in progress, but I think you will agree with me that the law in Nigeria really went far in discriminating against this community but also people who associate with them. So, we will continue to press the government, to press the legislature to change these laws and provide human rights for all Nigerian people regardless of their sexual orientation. With what is happening in the US, you can determine how far we are willing to go. We strongly believe human rights for all people and we are particularly opposed to legislation that actually targets the gay community for discrimination. So we are prepared to push this as a policy, not just in Africa but across the world.”

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  1. Don’t even think about it .Nigeria will not accept such stupid legislation that is against their religions diversity .

  2. Is this lady married to a fellow lady? if not God should punish her for making others become fools of what she did not practice

  3. this is stupidity to our religion it can never happened and will not be accepted in our country.this is mentality of american peoples we will not accept that to happened to our nation

  4. this is last America and they will soon finished as Yoruba proverb “eniti orire Bama buru orun ni yokoko dun

  5. Nigeria is a religious nation, we will not tolorete such stupidity and nonsensical, we are not fools like america.

  6. You’ll never succeed!!! Talking about human rights, there’s still so much discrimination by skin colour, yet not much has been done to totally eliminate this, now is human right? something that even goes against nature? Let alone God?!!! Don’t pastors that refuse gay marriage have their rights too? Msctewww!! Stupid human right

  7. Let USA keep its rebellion against The Most High God to itself. It should never dream of spreading its rebellion against God to Africa and the entire world. Africa must have a voice. We are all equals, no nation should claim to have superiority. Once any nation institutionalises Homosexuality, they attract God’s wrath and judgement. I do not want to see Nigeria under God’s judgement.

  8. Please America when you do something wrong dont make the whole world fit in. This is a very barbaric culture and you should stick with it. Normal people are heterosexuals. Abnormal people are homosexuals and should be stoned to death and stigmatised.

  9. Does she think nigerians are fools or push over, she haven’t even controlled the problems they have in USA. Can she come to nigeria and make that useless speech, She is nut.

  10. that is why the americans have a hand in what is happening in africa, nigeria to be specific. financial wise, boko boys nd d rest, just to bend us more to accepting this thing. noway!
    you can go on with what so ever you doing, leave nigeria to grow as natrual economic and on it own, development and broom will spring.

  11. America must realize they don’t own the world. This is not our culture. My guess is ‘if there are people who would okay this madness in Nigeria, they are people who were cultured in the US.’ We don’t live like that. God!
    Over 90% of Nigerians are religious, how come they want us to be ass ryders against our wish? Be gone devils!

  12. This is the beginning of Americas downfall,trying to pressurise Nigeria to accept gay.As ugly as this woman is…I hope she’s married to her fellow woman.We stand strong against gay and we believe in true religion of respecting the obedience practices of God Almighty.To hell with the American government.


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