Uganda Named Amongst 20 Most Beautiful Countries In The World

The Pearl of Africa was listed the thirteenth most beautiful country in the world by Buzzfeed.

Uganda’s beauty beats the likes of Australia, Norway, Phillipines, Brazil and India.

River Nile, the longest River in the world has its source in Uganda

Though a small country, it is the starting point of one of the most amazing rivers in the world – and its very longest – the Nile.

Murchison Falls

The river is born in the ‘mountains of the moon’, more accurately known as the Rwenzori mountains.

Rwenzori Mountains

Lake Victoria has been called the most amazing lake on earth.

The county's wildlife

Uganda is one of the best wildlife viewing destinations on earth thanks in large part to the stunning Murchison Falls National Park.

South African was named the most beautiful country.

A view of the sunset

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