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US approves sale of $418 million military equipment to Kenya



The US State Department has approved the sale of Air Tractor aircraft with weapons & other military support to Kenya for an estimated 418 million dollars.

The President Donald Trump administration has passed a sale contract that will allow Kenya to purchase the military equipment from a US-based firm according to the East African.

The US State Department released a statement approving L-3 Communications to supply Kenya with 12 Air Tractor AT- 802L armed aircraft, two AT-504 trainer aircraft and weapons packages to empower the East African country in its fight against Al-Shabaab terrorists group.

“The Air Tractors are more efficient and able to fly closer to conflict zones than Kenya’s aging Northrop F-5E fighters…  the short-field aircrafts are capable of using precision munitions and cost effective logistics and maintenance.” ,” the US Defence Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) notice said

DSCA is mandated by law to certify any military equipment sale by American firms. US said that the proposed sale is part of its security co-operation effort with Kenya against the Somalia-based Al Shabaab.

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