VIDEO: Outgoing President Yahya Jammeh concedes defeat, calls for unity in Gambia

A peaceful change of guard is on the cards in The Gambia since it gained its independence.

Businessman Adama Barrow has been declared president-elect of Gambia, ending over two decades of the rule of Yahya Jammeh.

Jammeh conceded defeat, saying that “Gambians have decided that I should take the back seat.”

He called for unity in the small West African country, also offering to work with Barrow.

“This country also let me assure you belongs to all of us. It does not belong to any particular tribe. One thing we should avoid in this country is ethnic conflict, we have seen ethnic conflicts, the devastating effects of ethnic conflict, we have seen it in Rwanda, we are seeing it in Central African Republic. Let us love each other.”

Gambians are now looking to the man nicknamed “no drama Adama” because of his cool and calm demeanour to reverse 22 years under Jammeh’s rule that analysts say has hurt the country’s economy and made the popular holiday destination a regional pariah.

Celebrations erupted in the streets of Banjul on Friday, with supporters gathering outside Barrow’s house to celebrate the election victory, singing and dancing in the streets.

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