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Video: Uganda's Opposition Leader Inaugurated in Mock Ceremony


fter Dr Besigye’s shock appearance in the city centre, the FDC party released a video of his own swearing-in as president of Uganda on social media.

In a statement, the party stated that Dr Besigye would “establish a transitional government of national unity to restore the control of national resources and state institutions to the people of Uganda.”

“The transition will be inclusive, peaceful and without retribution. It is hoped that those who stole the election will accept their time has passed and it is in their interest not to resort to violence,” the FDC statement reads in part.

However, Col (retired) Shaban Bantariza, the deputy executive director of the Uganda Media Centre, laughed off Dr Besigye’s own swearing-in.

“How can a presidential oath be on video? People should be there to participate. We are not aware of such. That would be part of the defiance activities which are forbidden by a court order,” Col Bantariza said.

Leader of the Opposition in Parliament Wafula Oguttu, who is one of the people seen in the video of Dr Besigye’s own swearing-in, said their leader will present Ugandans with choice.

“The public will decide which government to choose between one with guns and another with legitimacy,” Mr Oguttu said.

Source: http://www.monitor.co.ug/

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