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Viral Kenyan couple who did their wedding in T-shirt gifted with property worth $10,000



Remember that couple from Kenya who hit the Kenyan, and global headlines for having a wedding worth KShs. 100 ($1)? Well, lady luck has smiled on them again. They got a major financial boost from a well-wisher who was touched by their desperate situation.

Nairobi News reports that Diamond Properties Merchants gave the newlyweds, Wilson Wanjohi and Ann Muhonja a plot and a greenhouse worth KShs 1 million (approx. $10,000) in the country’s Isinya area, Kajiado county, few kilometers away from the country’s capital.

“It is the hand of God,” said Wanjohi who sells apples for a living in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi. “We did not even know that we were coming here to receive this plot; we were just told to get into the vehicle and driven here.”

Mr Wanjohi said he would start working on the green farm as soon as possible.

The investment includes an eighth acre plot valued at KShs 500,000 ($5000) with a KSh320,000 ($3200) greenhouse and capsicum crop with a potential return of Kshs 250,000 ($2500).

“And this is to let you know that as you start your journey into marriage, this is an investment. You will now be farmers by extension where you will be getting at least Sh450,000 returns per year,” said company’s Sales and Marketing Director Edwin Khiranga while handing over the investment to  Wilson and Ann.

The couple’s story hit the headlines almost a week ago after their story was shared about their modest wedding which cost $1 (KShs 100) an amount that was used to buy their two rings.  The story received social media buzz prompting well-wishers to come together and offer to sponsor the couple’s honeymoon at the exotic Diani beach in Mombasa.

They were also sponsored to a grand wedding where family and friends will get an opportunity to celebrate their nuptials.

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  1. God Blesses the humble , He rewards them abundantly once they take a step of Faith and do what God requires us to do. Hallelujah .May God’s Name be Praised and Glorified.


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