Watch Video: He Heard Cries From Underneath The Sidewalk – What He Found Shocked Everyone!

A man in Russia was minding his own business when he suddenly started to hear a strange, unknown sound. He paused and observed the others around him. It did not seem like they cared or bothered to do anything about the sound. The man thought the sound was strange. It sounded like someone was crying or whimpering, but he could not put a finger on where it was coming from.

After doing some investigating, the man made a shocking realizing. The crying was coming from underneath the sidewalk. Refusing to ignore the cries for help, the man began to remove the stone piece from the freshly laid sidewalk. Onlookers gathered as they saw a man doing something strange, and everyone was flabbergasted by what was underneath the sidewalk.

The man dug out a pregnant dog that was buried alive. This dog was trapped for two days beneath a sidewalk and had no access to water or food. It is unknown whether or not the dog was buried alive on purpose or whether it was accidental.

Thankfully, one man did the right thing when others did not bother to spare their time or lend a hand.
The dog is now on its way to adoption, and it’s all thanks to one kindhearted man who did not ignore her cries for help.

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