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Weird! Pregnant men are now demanding equal rights as pregnant women


What’s currently trending on social media are men asking for equal pregnancy rights as women using the  #transpregnancy #Pregnancyforall.

These ‘men’ displayed photos of their pregnant selves on social media. They are demanding equal rights just like real pregnant women. Just in case you’re wondering, these are men that used to be women. Check out some of the reactions to this trend. More photos after the cut..

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  1. Hmm the end time is here, let everyone come very close to God coz wethin a short notice the rapture may take place.

  2. hell on you foolish people !!! how could a dude with balls get pregnant ? sometimes you guys are demanding for things that’s not worth it !! there are more important things out there to worry about… famine, poverty , unemployment, insanity of homosexuality

  3. There is nothing wrong with them , why can’t people learn to except change or accept people for who they are . They want you to be happy for them ,that’s why they shared their joy with you and the world , the least you could do is be happy for them and the unborn baby , not bash them


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