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Why Did These African Footballers Die Of Cardiac Arrest?


As we all mourn the death of Cheick Tiote of Ivory Coast who passed away in China Monday, here is a list of Black/African Footballers that Have Died From Cardiac Arrests While Playing:

– Samuel Okwaraji (Nigeria)

– Amir Angwe (Nigeria)

– Hedi Berkhissa (Tunisia)

– John Ikoroma (Nigeria)

– Bobsam Elejiko (Nigeria)

– Endurance Idahor (Nigeria)

– Chinonso Ihelwere Henry (Nigeria)

– Victor Omogbehin (England)

– Marc-Viven Foe (Cameroon)

– Mohammed Abdelwahab (Egypt)

– Chaswe Nsofwa (Nigeria)

– Guy Tchingoma (Gabon)

– Orobosan Adun (Nigeria)

– Sekou Camara (Mali)

– Shetemi Ayetigbo (Ireland)

– David Oniya (Nigeria)

– Kodjo Etonam Adjassou (Togo)

– Bart Opoku (Ghana)

– Benjamin Owusu (Ghana)

– Mohamed Lemine M’Boye (Tanzania)

– Ambrose Wleh (Liberia)

– Patrick Ekeng (Cameroon)

— Cheick Tiote (Ivory Coast)

May their souls Rest In Peace… ..

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  1. The players are not educated on the kind of food they are supporse to eat,and why the big number are Nigerian?RIP


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