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World Record: Rwanda Has The Highest Number Of Women In The Parliament


According to a recent report from the Inter-Parliamentary Union, Rwanda’s parliament has the highest proportion of women in the world at 63.8%. This is partly due to the country’s new constitution, enacted in 2003, which mandates that at least 30% of all legislative seats be reserved for women.

The second spot on the list goes to Bolivia, with 53.1% of parliament seats occupied by women, followed by Cuba, Sweden and Seychelles. At 0%, Micronesia, Palau, Qatar and Vanuatu have the lowest proportion of female participation in parliament — although it’s worth noting that smaller nations have smaller parliaments.

While these numbers show progress, women remain largely underrepresented in government, even in Rwanda, where participation is lower in higher levels of government. However, the IPU believes that gender parity in parliament is possible within 20 years.

The following chart, created by statistics portal Statista, shows the 10 countries with the most female participation in parliament:

Country Women in parliament (%)
1 Rwanda                  63.8
2 Bolivia                  53.1
3 Cuba                  48.9
4 Seychelles                  43.8
5 Sweden                  43.6
6 Senegal                  42.7
7 South Africa                  41.9
8 Ecuador                  41.6
9 Finland                  41.5
10 Iceland                  41.3

Source: Inter-Parliamentary Union

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