Wow! 26 Year Old Unemployed Single African American Mom of 4 Wins $188 Million in Lottery

The life of 26-year-old African American mother of four, Marie Holmes, will never be the same.

Holmes, an unemployed North Carolina resident, is one of three winners of $564.1 million from the Powerball jackpot lottery, CNN Money reports. Her share of the money is approximately $188 million.

Expressing her joy at winning the lottery, the single mom who used to work atMcDonald’s and Walmart, says it means that she will no longer need to worry about providing for her son and three daughters.

“I don’t have to worry about the word ‘struggle’ no more, and neither do they…I just want them to understand that money doesn’t change you, but it can help you, so they don’t have to worry about debt, none of that. They can go to college; they don’t have to worry about nothing. And I’m glad that I can do that for them.”

She revealed some of her plans about what she intends to use the money for. They include buying houses for her children and helping out her immediate family members. She also plans to “go away for a while.”

The three winners will split the winnings, and it can be taken in annualized payments, or as upfront cash option.

“I’m very, very grateful,” she said. “I’m ready to embrace the change,” Holmes said.

According to Yahoo News, the odds of winning the Powerball jackpot are one in 175 million.

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