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Xenophobic Attacks: Malawi, Congo, bar South Africans from entering their country


The Malawian and Congolese government have reportedly stopped all South Africans from entering their country following the recent Xenophobic attacks where a few of their citizens were killed and their businesses destroyed.

The Malawian government has also allegedly thrown South African ambassador out of their country. There are also reports that Mozambican government has barred all trucks from South Africa from entering into their country.

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  1. God bless you!your gov’t our gov’t don’t think for our citizen so plse plse human rights take the action to south african gov’t .but for past Love you south african people and gov by mandella but now I deeply sad by this events so south africa not africa delete from african map Oh oh may GOD BLESS ETHIOPIA MAY GOD!!!

  2. South Africans have to feel that they are in 21st Century where the planet is global village. Let them leave independently and work in their own country and die there. We are still going with other alliens without them. They must Born in South Africa,grow In South Africa, work in South Africa, Die in SouthAfrica Buried in South Africa.

  3. Terrible and barbaric. .I have never seen this in my life time where other human beings can burn and kick others like that.Shameful indeed. African Head of States should meet act immediately in order to have a solution to this.

  4. I can see security personels looking @ the civilians burning n stoning foreiners alive. Not long ago, we all bkack them in their predicaments, now they turned their lazy n derty back to us. Animals, innocent kids are bn burnt aliv., in ghana we are also organizing ourselves for great revenge, ungratful animals

  5. Every country, not just African countries but Europeans and the Americans need to bar every South African from entering their countries, expel South African dignitaries and deport their nationals…. This will illustrate a very strong global message to those irrational, scumbags and wildlife-heads that we’re in the 21st century and the ancient way of life would never be condoned. I understand that it’s not all South Africans that are involved in the xenophobic and violent behavior, but this would send a strong, firm and clear message to the perpetrators… ALL THAT MANDELA AND THE REST OF AFRICA FOUGHT FOR IS GOING DOWN THE DRAIN…

  6. Shame on those south Africans who ar killing pipo bcz of a job they don’t know they ar destroying the value of theire own country may the judgement of God be execute to them as its written in the bible

  7. I go on my knees each day praying that, God will restore peace in South Africa. I believe any form of confusion now in South Africa will die out completely. We are one people with one destiny,Africa let’s unite…you do me I do you will never solve anything…violence I always say is the tool for the weak minds…GOD BLESS AFRICA

  8. As a South African living in rural South Africa, we have lived with foreigners for all my life as i can remember. We never revolt besides services being poor to all of us. Now i think we are dealing with tribalists, who see themselves as superior to all tribes in Africa. Those are Zulu tribes. Their King went on public media and announced that all foreigners leave South Africa. This is a man who have R60m in annual take home. I don’t have any penny to take home and he harm me more than he is harmed by what you are saying. We are workers and we will take over this country from these pupets of the USA. We are Africans before we became South Africans.


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