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Yet Again! Goodluck Jonathan Named 'Person Of The Year'


Nigeria’s former president, Dr Goodluck Jonathan seem to be getting more recognition for his performance in office since he left the corridors of power.  

Jonathan, 58, was named the ‘Person of the Year’ by The African Sun Times,Africa’s number one and largest newspaper in the United States of America (USA).

The former president conceded defeat to incumbent president, Muhammadu Buhari, via a phone call even before the results of the presidential elections were announced

That singular seem act seem to have elevated the status of the Otuoke-born  to a global citizen and as a reference for African leaders, who are known for holding on to power for too long.

In October 2015, Jonathan was named the chairman of the Commonwealth Observer Group for the presidential election in Tanzania.

In November 2015, Jonathan rounded off a two-week visit to the USA with a meeting with students of the Howard University School of Political Science where he was the special guest at the university event with the theme: “Elections And Constitutions In Africa: A Timely Issue”.

In December 2015, one of Nigeria’s online newspapers, The Trent named Jonathan the Person of the Year 2015.

Meanwhile, Jonathan has been invited to present the keynote address at the 2016 Hope Global Forums conference, billed to hold this month in Atlanta, USA.

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  1. Yes they may be dictators but their country is more easy to live more to America where people are holding guns and killing innocent men women and children everyday and the police killing blacks and white folks for no offence,I think if you love America that should be your first priority Mr.dictator since you wil only want to see those countries in chaos because you won’t get them out of power without killing the innocent or people loosing their dear life’s from the way you are talking.call on Africa leaders to help you do that. Peace

  2. trump we pray fr u bse we re tired of museveni he has block all radio station such that pple will ntt seeee wat is happening


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