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Youths in Cameroon volunteer to repair roads in the country



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Hundreds of youths in Cameroon through a  volunteer youth group in Cameroon ‘Human Bulldozers’ have had enough of bad roads and waiting for the government to repair the roads and decided to provide their own solution by repairing the roads themselves reports DW.

Using basic tools such as hoes, shovels and diggers the rallied their peers to repair the damaged roads in Nkondjock.

“The state has forgotten Nkondjock, not only Nkondjock but Nkam in general. It is now upon us, the population, to begin such community development initiatives,” said Koumba Ernest, one of the team leaders said to DW.

The youths were nicknamed ‘Human Bulldozers’ by the community after the impact of their work started showing. The Youth dug drains, filled up potholes and levelled a stretch of 80 kilometres of heavily muddied road. In what was a five hour drive, became a three hour drive because of the efforts by the young ones.

Nkondjock is one of the major food baskets in Cameroon with many in the area practising agriculture.

“We are actually angry because despite the fact that we are in an agriculture basin that supplies food to western Cameroon and beyond, our roads are abandoned to deteriorate…. We have many buyers coming here for our goods. But because of bad roads, they push the buying price down to a level where we are being discouraged from working in our farms. This is because we hardly recover what we invest. We are working at a loss just because of the roads,” Said Kwemo Isaac, a resident of Nkondjock

Every Wednesday and Saturday the youth meet, men, women and even children to work on the road according to the report by DW

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