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Zimbabwe: President Robert Mugabe defends his economic record


The 93-year-old president spoke slowly but with certainty when he said the United States was a fragile country, but Zimbabwe had many resources.

President Robert Mugabe has said that Zimbabwe is the most highly developed country in Africa after South Africa, News24 reports.

He made the comments during a panel discussion about fragile states at the World Economic Forum meeting in Durban.

Mr Mugabe was challenged by the panel chair Anton du Plessis about whether Zimbabwe was a fragile state.

A journalist at the meeting has been tweeting the president’s response:

He then went on to detail Zimbabwe’s achievements:

Zimbabwe is currently experiencing a cash shortage due to a lack of US dollar notes – one of the country’s official currencies.

A recent World Bank report said that while growth in 2016 was low at 0.4% it is predicted to grow by 3.8% this year.

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  1. if no. of Universties is an indicator of development then there are number of countries in the continent who got more than 40 Universties.

  2. Mugabe is more of identity to Zimbabwe than anything, good or bad it has to be Uncle Bob.


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